So over the weekend I had some gals come over for a lil craft/crop party. One girlfriend of mine upcycled an old skirt which kind of like had a canvas-y fabric and used it to cover an old box. It turned out so nice. It then inspired me to do some upcycling myself.

I went through my closet to find something I haven’t worn in ages and make something out of it. I found a skirt I probably haven’t worn in 2 years during my pre-baby skinny days (how I miss those days). I wish I took a picture of the skirt before I cut it all up. But here is what it looked like when I cut up some pieces for what I was wanting to make.


I saved the one button it had and the zipper. And I cut small squares, sewed those up and even included the lining and made some awesome coin purses! These bad boys measures 3×4 inches and is really big enough to hold spare change.




I had so much fun making these that I am going through my closet again to see the next item I will be upcycling. Since winter is right around the corner, I’m thinking of infinity scarf. But that’s for next week’s project. Til next time.

Stay crafty my friends!


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