DIY 3-Tiered Stand

When I saw this 3-tiered stand from Pottery Barn I immediately said “I want it!!!” But what the heck is up with the $69 price tag? Sooooo… Like what I always say when I see something I want but don’t wanna fork over big bucks, I can probably make that. And whaddya know, there are a lot of tutorials online and Pinterest.

So I searched for easy tutorials and have found this blog has a post about making one. So easy!

For some reason though none of my local thrift stores had any cake pans ORRR candle stick holders (bummer!). But luckily we made a trip to the Pasadena Rosebowl Flea market last month and that is where I found my pans (yayyy!!!).

I got 3 vintage round pans and they even turned out to be the perfect sizes. It was like it was made for my project. Then I got these wooden candle sticks from Michaels because I couldn’t find any (that were cheap anyway).

I painted them gold, then teal and lastly a dark shade of brown. And of course I sanded it to give it that distressed look to match my rusted pans. They turned out perfect!




After that I used E6000 glue and glued em on together. I was too excited I didn’t even measure the center, I just winged it. It’s a little off center but so what, I still love it!!!



Hooray for more storage!


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