Matchbook Notepads

As I haven’t found much time to scrap lately, this little project satiated my need to do some paper crafting. I’ve made some mini matchbook notepads.


I’ve seen some elaborate tutorials and examples online but it was easy enough that I didn’t need to follow one. Best of all, I just used some of my paper scraps. I cut some of different length and width. Then I used my scoring board and bone folder to create the folds. Then I took some regular white paper and cut small squares for the actual pages. For the bigger matchbook, I used some scrapbook paper. I stapled the pages on the bottom for the two smaller matchbooks and used my crop-a-dile with some eyelets and a brad for the bigger one.


These would be perfect as little giveaways and there are so many ways to personalize it.


Ahh, my craft hunger has been satisfied! Now on to the next project!


A Confession

Hi, my name is Emma and I am a washi tape addict.




I love and collect washi tape. But they can be really expensive, especially the cute designs! And there are so many to choose from.

I can be frugal at times. And averaging $2.99 for a roll can add up if you buy 2 or more. So… I have come up with a way to make my own washi tape strips. Yes, it’s doable! Watch out for my next post for ways on how to make your own washi tape.

Dinosaur Burp Cloth

Here is the latest sewing project I’ve done. It actually took about 20 minutes to finish. I basically sewed together a printed fabric and a backing fabric (I forgot what it’s called but it’s very soft and absorbent). First sewed the fabric right side in and left a 2 -inch opening so I can turn it inside out. Then ran it again under the needle for the top stitch starting on the opening.



I know the stitching is a lil curvy, but hey I’m just learning! I could probably make a ton of these. You can make it for your baby (if you have any) or as a gift to a new mom. So many cute baby fabrics to choose from too! And best of all, no need for a tutorial really. This was a fun 20-minute project indeed.


Welcome to Oh Crafty Mama! Here you will find different kinds of crafts that I’ve created following tutorials and techniques from other beautiful craft blogs. I hope to inspire people to create more whether you are a beginner or seasoned crafter. We shall learn how sew, create lovely paper crafts and collect inspirations from different creative people around the world.

Now let’s you and I take on the world, one craft at a time.